Release Information

Program : PhleXss Omniphlex
Version : 9.5.1
Date : 26-03-2024

Release notes


  • Fixed problem that some triggers caused a memory-leak which would lead to insufficient resources on the server if the daemon was not restarted regularly
  • Fixed memory-leak in plugin “SimpleImageConvert”
  • Fixed problem with “Created By” value in workflow-description


  • It is now possible to link multiple triggers; all triggers in a link must return “True” for a workflow to be triggered
  • Updated functions “Add”, “Subtract”, “Multiply” & “Divide” in plugin “SetVariable” to support the configuration of the output format (like 0:0.00)
  • Updated plugin “XMLupdate”: fixed option “Keep Matching Records” and problem with selecting the correct entries from the xml
  • Updated plugin “rsOutput2File”: added option “Encapsulate in Quotes” to format “Textfile”, added option “Trim Output” (to trim leading- and trailing spaces) and increased overall performance
  • Updated trigger “Query”: you can now save the result of the query to a recordset
  • Added new inline function: “DateTime\DateAdd”
  • Logging now also shows the runtime of each command
  • Updated plugin “SimpleImageConvert” to prevent potential memory-leak
  • Added new plugin: “ExportXLS2XLS” which opens the configured XLS(X) file and saves it to a new file (this can fix potential problems with the format of the input xls file)
  • Fixed problem that “workflow variables” where not shown in the “User Variables” list


  • Fixed a problem in the internal “Text” database-driver: if a query only contains an “update” command this would result in an error (even though the update was successfully executed). The “Text” driver now also supports the “insert” command
  • In “Monitor” you can now set the “scope” of the logging to “Today”, “Yesterday”, “Last Available” or select a date up to 2 weeks ago. “Last Available” will show the last available logfile of the selected workflow
  • Fixed some problems with updating/refreshing “Monitor”
  • Fixed problem with variable-replacement in function “Run Script” in plugins “DoWhile”, “ForEach”, “ForNext”, “IfThenElse” & “SelectCase”


  • Fixed some problems in plugin “XMLupdate” regarding detecting/setting the encoding (xml declaration)
  • You can now configure the date/time format in option “Use Timestamp” in the Hotfolder-trigger
  • Fixed problem in plugin “SetVariable” and the “Configuration Manager” that used-variables in the configuration of “SetVariable” were no longer shown in the “Used Variables” list and could not be found when searching in the configuration


  • Renamed the “Display Name” of service “omniphlex9drc” from “Omniphlex Remote Control” to “Omniphlex Runtime Controller” because this better describes the functionality that is performed by the service
  • “Access Control” is now named “Remote Control” (no functional changes)
  • Updated plugin “LogMessage”: it’s now possible to set what type of message to use: normal, warning or error
  • Updated plugin “HttpClient”: added option to disable SSL verification
  • Fixed problem in plugin “sFTPupload”: sometimes it was not correctly detected if a file already exists which would result in a file being overwritten when it should be skipped
  • Updated plugin “SetVariable”: you can now set a maximum of 10 variables and the tab-colour of each variable can be changed and you can test the configured operator (note that this realtime-test may produce different results then during runtime in a Daemon!)
  • Fixed problem in trigger-setup that under certain conditions the trigger-type was not correctly saved/set
  • Fixed problem that when a workflow is copied or moved to another daemon and it contained and used workflow-variables, these variables were added to the daemon as normal variables
  • Fixed problem with setting the correct file-information in system-variables (like {var:ScanPathFileName}, etc.) in plugin “ForEach” in options “File in Directory” and “Directory in Directory”


  • Fixed problem that option “File in Directory” and “Directory in Directory” in plugin “ForEach” would cause the active hotfolder filequeue information to be overwritten
  • Added option “Force Array” to plugin “JSON”. If enabled, this will put the json between [ ] if this is not already the case
  • Fixed problem with function “RegExpReplaceGroup” in plugin “SetVariable”


  • Fixed problem with <CrLf> in combination with “Edit In Larger Window” function
  • Fixed problem in plugin “ForEach” when using variables in “File In Directory” and “Directory in Directory”
  • Fixed problem with password in plugins “ADmodifyUser” and “ADcreateUser”
  • Updated “Workflow Validation” to only include enabled/standby workflows and only be applied to enabled and connected commands and triggers
  • Fixed problem in scheduling when workflow is using fixed-scheduling and hour 23 was included in the valid-run-hours
  • Added option to set “encoding” in function “GetFileContent” in plugin “SetVariable”
  • Updated plugin “PDF_CropPage” to show the dimensions of the PDF-page and the dimensions of the cropped part in the logging
  • Updated plugin “SimpleImageConvert” to support multi-page tiff files and to save the number of pages in a pdf or multi-page tiff file to a variable
  • Daemons will now only update workflow-information on “Omniphlex WEB” if there has been an actual change


  • Added new plugin “SFTPtest” to test if an sftp-server is reachable and login works. The plugin can be used to set a variable to “0” or “1” depending on if the connection was successful
  • Updated plugins “PDF_SplitPages” & “PDF_ReversePages” to use more reliable code
  • Enabled option “Remove Empty Directories” in plugin “FTPquickDownload”
  • Fixed problem in plugin “SFTPlist” that timestamp was not retrieved correctly
  • Fixed problem in plugin “ForEach” that the counter that indicates the total number of steps-to-be-executed would be overwritten (changed) if a sub-workflow of the “ForEach” command also contained one or more “ForEach” commands
  • When using variables in a preset database-connection these variables are now correctly replaced during a “Test Connection”
  • Added new Ftp variables: {var:FtpFilenameExt} and {var:FtpFilenameNoExt}
  • Fixed option “Format XML” in plugin “rsOutput2File” to correctly follow the “Encoding” setting
  • Fixed problem in “ForkWorkflow” plugin that in some cases the “LastFinished” timestamp was not set which caused an error when automatic-tracking is enabled
  • Added support for “Modern Authentication” to plugin “Office365AddUserPhoto”
  • Fixed problem when using “RunScript” plugin
  • Changed method of writing JSON file in “rsOutput2File” to prevent out-of-memory error
  • Added new database-driver “IBMDB2”
  • Updated Omniphlex-WEB: added “AutoRefresh” checkbox and date selection to “Log Monitor”


  • Fixed problem in plugin ‘IfThenElse’ that workflow names were incorrectly encoded as variables
  • Updated error-logging to show more information when possible
  • Fixed problem with copying/moving workflows in subgroups to another daemon
  • Fixed problem that the ‘find’ option below the workflow-list would cause a daemon to be incorrectly flagged as being changed


  • Clicking “Ok” when closing the properties of a trigger or plugin will no longer cause a “There are unsaved changes” message when there were no actual changes to the trigger or plugin
  • Enabled context-menu in “Cleanup Variables” (only the “Paste” option is disabled)
  • Fixed problem that a logged-on user was not logged-out whenever the “Configuration Manager” is restarted
  • Added extra logging to plugin “OnCondition”


  • All variables must now always be encoded using {var:varname}. This includes all system variables like ‘<Filename>’, which should now be {var:Filename}. Older format variables will automatically be renamed to the new format!
  • Introduced new check between client and server: there is a now a minimum-level the server must conform to before a client can connect
  • Variable-groups are now displayed as different tabs in ‘Variables’ and ‘Shared Variables’. Note that the available groups are still managed from the ‘Configuration\Advanced\Lists’ section.
  • Fixed problem in Hotfolder-trigger, related to ‘Single File Handling’, the trigger would not try to process the next file if the first file was not stable
  • Fixed problem with the conversion of the configuration files during the upgrade procedure (v8 to v9) which caused pools not to be loaded correctly the first time the ‘Configuration Manager’ was launched
  • The runtime-information panel in the ‘Configuration Manager’ now also shows the LOT (Last OverDue Time), MOT (Max OverDue Time) and the ART (Average Run Time)
  • Updated ‘Omniphlex WEB’ to also show the LOT, MOT & ART in the workflow details of ‘Automatic Tracking’
  • The C# and VB.Net code related plugins now use the ‘Roslyn’ compiler to support higher levels of C# and VB.Net code
  • Added option ‘Replace Variable’ to workflow-list context-menu. With this option all occurrences of a variable(name) can be replaced with another variable(name)
  • Added options ‘Replace Variable’ to the toolbar of the workflow-diagram
  • Added option ‘Inheritable’ to workflow-variables: if this option is enabled the value of the variable is passed on to, and inherited from any child workflow(s)
  • Updated plugin ‘SharePointUpload’: you can now save the document-ID to a variable and fixed a problem with ‘lookup’ type
  • Fixed problem that copy/paste of a large number of variables was very slow
  • Fixed problem with duplicating ‘Subgroups’
  • Fixed problem that certain special characters could not be used when renaming or duplicating ‘Groups’, ‘Subgroups’ or ‘Separators’
  • Improved copying/moving workflows and groups to another Daemon
  • ‘Used Variables’ are now always displayed in a dockable window (requires an automatic re-initialization of the workspace)
  • Selecting a variable in the ‘Used Variables’ list will select all nodes in the workflow-diagram where the selected variable is used
  • Added two indicators (‘D’ & ‘S’) to the statusbar of the ‘Configuration Manager’ that show if there are unsaved (D)aemon or (S)shared changes
  • Updated plugin ‘PDF_FillAcroForm’ to support child-fields


  • It’s now possible to configure ‘Workflow Variables’ (in the properties of each workflow). These variables are only valid for the workflow in which they are defined and can’t be used (or exist) in other workflows
  • Added alias for plugin ‘JSON’ called ‘JSON2DB’ in category ‘Database’
  • Updated plugin ‘CSV2DB’: ‘Input file’ can now also be a string
  • Updated function ‘ExtractStringFromFile’ in plugin ‘SetVariable’: the file is now always processed line-by-line and all matches are appended to the result
  • Added option ‘Show Runtime Information’ to ‘View’-menu in the ‘Configuration Manager’. This option is only functional when ‘Tracking’ and ‘Automatic Tracking’ are enabled. If ‘Show Runtime Information’ is enabled, the current runtime information from the selected workflow is displayed at the bottom of the workflow list. This information includes the ‘Last Finished’ timestamp and the current queue size and progress (if applicable). This information is retrieved from the tracking (WEB) database. Note that each time a configuration is (re)loaded and/or switched to another daemon this option is automatically disabled again to prevent unnecessary overhead
  • Fixed problem with ‘Arrange From Here’ function in workflow-diagram
  • Fixed problem that the recordset created by plugin ‘Excel2DB’ & ‘CSV2DB’ could not be queried by ‘QueryDatabase’
  • Variables in the context popup-menu are now displayed without < >
  • Workflow-lists will now show if a workflow is ‘enabled’, ‘disabled’ or ‘standby’, by using the ‘Workflowlist colors’ as configured in ‘Advanced\Interface’
  • Fixed problem in ‘GoogleStorage Hotfolder’ trigger which caused some files not to get processed
  • Fixed problem in ‘Google Storage’ plugins and trigger when different workflows used different credential json files
  • Optimized the interface of ‘Manage Services’
  • Added new workflow plugin ‘WarningAction’ to configure what should happen if a ‘Warning’ occurs (similar to ‘ErrorAction’ plugin)


  • Fixed problem that pairing-database configuration was cleared when saving the configuration using a remote-client
  • A remote-client can no longer connect to a Member pairing-server (you must always connect to the Master pairing-server)
  • Fixed arrange-diagram buttons in the toolbar of the workflow-diagram
  • Fixed problem that the pairing configuration was not correctly loaded from the registry
  • Added new ‘Basic’ style for triggers and plugins


  • Fixed licensing related problem in installer-package and daemon-services


  • Updated plugins “IMAPreceiveMail”, “POPreceiveMail” and trigger “MailOnServer” to support “Microsoft OAUTH2” authentication. The trigger and plugins can automatically request an access-token and store the access-token to a local “KeyStore”. The trigger and plugins can then use the access-token from the KeyStore to authenticate the connection. If the access-token has expired a new one will automatically be requested. Note that you will need to register an application in Azure with the correct permissions for this to work. See the help for more information on this.
  • Fixed problem in Hotfolder-trigger with deleting rejected files


  • First public commercial release


  • Updated a lot of libraries to their latest release


  • Implemented better support for UTF8 characters in FTP plugins
  • Increased width of Monitor window in ‘Configuration Manager’


  • Fixed problem with ‘Directory Trigger’ function in ‘Hotfolder’-trigger


  • Fixed problem with ‘Pairing’ when using Hotfolder-style triggers like ‘Hotfolder’, ‘FTP Hotfolder’, ‘S3 Hotfolder’ etc.
  • Fixed problem in plugin ‘UpdateWebConfig’


  • To prevent configuration corruption it is now enforced that when connecting to a server using ‘Remote Client’ or the regular application, this MUST be the same version as the server!
  • Updated plugin ‘XMLupdate’ to support regular-expressions in the ‘Update Value(s)’ option (in ‘New Value’ and ‘Current Value’)
  • Fixed problem with dragging a workflow-group to the top or bottom
  • Fixed problem in ‘FTP-Hotfolder’-trigger that when using normal ftp (port 21) the first character of subdirectory-names was missing


  • Fixed problem in ‘Process’-trigger when using a PID to check a process
  • Fixed ‘Error in SetLogonPrivilges’ when logging on (‘Access-Control’ enabled)


  • Fixed problem with workflow schedule-calendar that the calendar end-date was august 2022. The calendar end-data is now 01/01/2050
  • Updated xlsx-library to fix problem with saving updated pivot tables and not honouring page-breaks when saving to pdf
  • Fixed problem in ‘FTP-Hotfolder’-trigger: when ‘Create Logfile’ was enabled but no logfile was configured this would result in an error


  • Updated HotFolder-trigger: if both the ‘InputFilter’ and ‘RejectFilter’ are empty then no regular-expression-match will be applied to the filenames. This means only the ‘Pre-filter’ (DOS wildcards) will be used which results in better performance, especially when processing directories that contain a large amount of files
  • Fixed problem with special characters in filenames when using FTP (Hotfolder) Trigger
  • Updated ‘HttpClient’ plugin to support MSAL
  • Fixed problem with losing certain settings in xlsx documents when updating existing files with plugin ‘rsOutput2File’


  • Fixed problem with slow update of daemon status when connected through remote-control
  • Fixed problem that in some cases an installed license was not correctly verified which would cause the remote-control service to terminate
  • Fixed problem in plugin ‘HttpClient’ that the command could fail if the HttpMethod was not in uppercase

V8.18.3.1 (RC-level 8.18.3)

  • Updated plugin ‘Excel2DB’: password-protected xlsx files can now be processed
  • It is now possible to configure the following date/time formats (per daemon): short-date, long-date, short-time, long-time & full-date-time. These formats will be used whenever a date/time value (from a database-query for instance) is converted to a string. These formats will overrule the system date/time formats and can also be used by using the following built-in variables: , , , &


  • Fixed problem with (large) width of arrows and (selection)handles in the workflow-diagrams
  • Fixed problem that ‘Run Now’ option would not work if the daemon was running with no workflows enabled
  • Fixed problem with encoding variables in certain triggers
  • Workflows-report now follows the colors as they are seen/configured in the workflow-list
  • Fixed problem with ‘ErrorAction’ in ‘Run Script’
  • Added option to set Enabled/Disabled workflows to ‘Cancel’ from the popupmenu when you right-click the workflow-list


  • Fixed problem with downloading files with ‘FTPquickDownload’: when more than one file was to be downloaded only one file was actually downloaded
  • When copying/moving ‘Groups’ to another daemon the custom colors of the group are now also copied/moved
  • Printed reports of workflows now correctly include groups, subgroups and separators
  • Updated ‘ForEach’ plugin: the logging now also displays ‘current-step/max-step’


  • Fixed problem that when a ‘Cancelled’ workflow was copied/moved to another daemon it’s variables were not included
  • Fixed problem in ‘S3quickDownload’ plugin: settings were not correctly restored when changing the configuration of the plugin
  • Updated workflow ‘Description’: added ‘User’ field to ‘Changelog’ and when the ‘Description’ and ‘Changelog’ is empty the ‘Description-flag’ is not displayed in the workflow-list and the ‘Created by’ and ‘Date’ fields are also cleared
  • Fixed problem with automatic renaming of endpoints in AWS plugins


  • Fixed problem with ‘FTP-Hotfolder’-trigger that when an ftp-server doesn’t support certain features this would result in files not being processed
  • Added extra System-debug-logging for ‘FTP-Hotfolder’ processing


  • It is now possible to display the query in the logging for the triggers ‘Hotfolder – Query’ and ‘Query’
  • Fixed problem in ‘HttpClient’ that when the variable for ‘Save response to variable’ is cleared but ‘Filter response (regular-expression)’ is not empty this would result in a ‘no variable name configured’ error
  • Fixed problem creating comment-boxes in the workflow-diagram
  • Fixed problem with port-number in IMAPreceiveMail plugin
  • Text ‘{handle:}’ (when no handle is selected) is now no longer displayed (or saved) in plugins
  • Fixed some missing libraries in some of the installer packages
  • Added some extra checks and error-reporting in the eventlog in case a daemon can’t start because of insufficient privileges


  • Fixed problem with ‘FileInfo’ variable ”
  • Updated conversion from v2-config to v3-config
  • When removing a Hotfolder-trigger from a workflow the workflow no longer remembers the configuration from this trigger when a new Hotfolder-trigger is added to the workflow
  • Fixed problem in ‘ServicesControl’: when using WMI to connect with a remote computer the plugin never returned a value
  • Fixed problem with editing Query-triggers in Remote-Client version
  • Updated plugins ‘IMAPreceiveMail’ & ‘POPreceiveMail’ and trigger ‘MailOnServer’: you can now configure the port


  • Fixed problem in ‘SyncDatabase’ that plugin would fail the second time it was run
  • Added new plugin: ‘SharePointDelete’, to delete items in a SharePoint list
  • Plugin ‘HttpClient’ now shows more info in case of an error
  • Fixed problem with ‘FTP Hotfolder’ trigger that in some cases the ‘FEAT’ command would cause the workflow not to be started even though files were detected by the trigger


  • Updated remote-control daemon to make sure all daemons/pools are unlocked before a user switches to another daemon/pool
  • Updated JSONPath driver for better support of unnamed fields
  • Fixed problem with passwords when the password contained a ‘}’ character
  • Updated SFTP plugins and trigger to add support for ‘keyboard-interactive’ authentication method



  • Fixed problem in plugin ‘FTPlist’: an error was triggered when trying to get the modification timestamp of a directory
  • Added new function ‘CreateMD5FromFile’ to plugin ‘SetVariable’
  • Updated plugin ‘HttpClient’: added some extra options: you can now configure query-string parameters, set authentication method and configure a timeout
  • Fixed problem that in some cases the wrong logfile was being displayed when selecting a different workflow
  • Fixed problem with the conversion of older ini-files to the current version ini-files



  • ‘Run Now’ option now runs immediately or immediately after the currently running workflow
  • Added new plugins and trigger for ‘Google Storage’



  • New ‘Icon Theme’ option in menu ‘Views’ in ‘Configuration Manager’. This can be used to set the color scheme of the icons in the workflow-diagram
  • Updated ‘HttpClient’ plugin: there is now an option to show ‘Verbose Logging’ and to configure a regular-expression which, when it is a match for the response, will trigger an error
  • New function in ‘JobTicket’ trigger and plugin: ‘WEB Post’: you can now send POST commands to the ‘Companion Server’ webservice (see Help for more info). The ‘WEB Post’ function in the ‘JobTicket’ trigger can detect these POSTS and start a workflow. The ‘JobTicket’ plugin can read the data that was passed to the server with the POST command into the Omniphlex variables
  • Fixed problem with ‘ErrorAction’ in ‘Run Script’ function
  • Updated sftp libraries to latest version
  • Fixed problem in ‘SFTPlist’ plugin
  • ‘rsGetTable’ renamed to ‘rsGetTableRows’, ‘rsGetTables’ renamed to ‘rsGetTableNames’ and ‘rsGetColumns’ renamed to ‘rsGetTableColumns’



  • Fixed problem with encoding of connect-string in ‘AzureBlob Hotfolder’ trigger
  • Updated ‘XMLimport’ plugin: you can now also use a string or variable as the source for the XML
  • Updated ‘JSON’ plugin: you can now also use a string or variable as the source for the JSON
  • New plugin ‘HttpClient’ to run web-requests (similar to Curl)
  • Updated ‘GetXPathData’ and ‘GetJSONPathData’ functions in plugin ‘SetVariable’. Both functions how also support input from a string or variable
  • Omniphlex WEB now has an “Account Information” textfield for each account



  • Fixed problem with missing libraries in installer
  • Fixed problem that in some cases the configuration-upgrade procedure hangs



  • Upgraded to Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8

  • Revised remote-control account management and validation: now ALL accounts are managed by ‘Omniphlex WEB’. Accounts can no longer be created/managed from within the ‘Configuration Manager’. This means that the same accounts can be used to login to ‘Omniphlex WEB’ and the ‘Configuration Manager’ where before, the login-accounts for the ‘Configuration Manager’ were different accounts than the ones used for ‘Omniphlex WEB’.

  • Upgraded to a new configuration-file format; passwords, encrypted strings, handles and variables now have a unique identifier which means Omniphlex can correctly detect if a string is a password, handle or variable.

  • Omniphlex now has an Android app that can be downloaded from the Google Play store: download Omnihlex Companion for Android
    The app can be used to view system information, view monitored items, manage daemon services, run tickets and create/manage a password vault. The app is an extension of the existing ‘Omniphlex WEB’ and will follow account and privileges as configured in ‘Omniphlex WEB’

  • New plugin category ‘Azure’ which contains the following plugins for using Azure Storage: ‘AzureBlobCreateContainer’, ‘AzureBlobDeleteContainer’, ‘AzureBlobUploadFile’, ‘AzureBlobDownloadBlob’, ‘AzureBlobDeleteBlob’, ‘AzureBlobMoveBlob’, ‘AzureBlobCopyBlob’ & ‘AzureBlobQuickDownload’. There is also a new ‘AzureBlob Hotfolder’-trigger which can be used to monitor a storage container for (incoming) files
  • Added new plugin ‘SqlBulkCopy’ to ‘Database’ category: this plugin can be used to either use the content of a recordset or run a query on a database and copy the data to a table in another (or the same) database using ‘SqlBulkCopy’. This plugin only supports SQL Server
  • Fixed problem in ‘BulkImport’ & ‘ExportTable’ plugins that stdOut and stdErr from bcp.exe wasn’t displayed. And when using PowerShell you can now save the script to a file
  • Implemented new code in SFTP plugins for better performance and simpler configuration
  • Implemented new code in (De)CompressFile plugins
  • Added ‘Script Index’ to plugin ‘ScriptObject’
  • Fixed problem with ‘License Manager’
  • Omniphlex-WEB ‘Tickets’ now have two new variable types: ‘Info’ and ‘Line’
  • When a variable is marked ‘Hidden’ it is now stored as an encrypted string
  • Credential passwords and preset-database passwords are now stored as an encrypted string
  • Updated ‘DecompressFile’ plugin: added support for gzip, tar and tgz files
  • Fixed problem with ‘GetExcelSheetValue’ function in plugin ‘SetVariable’
  • When copying/moving workflows to another daemon you now have an option to ‘Overwrite’ if a workflow already exists in the destination daemon
  • Added option ‘Load queries from file’ to plugin ‘SqlBulkCopy’
  • When managing the account-settings of a remote-server which is unreachable, this server is no longer automatically removed, but you now have to option to edit the server (change name of port)
  • Updated plugin ‘Curl’: the command-line edit textbox now has an option to open a larger window in which the commandline can be edited. New ‘Encoding’ option which controls the encoding of the output-file
  • Updated ‘ServicesControl’ plugin: added extra option to set the startup-type of the service
  • Added option ‘-n’ to function ‘GetFileContent’ in plugin ‘SetVariable’. Using this option together with ‘END’ allows you to get the last n-lines of the file
  • Added option ‘Microsoft Sync Framework’ to plugin ‘SyncDirectories’. This option will use the ‘Microsoft Sync Framework’ to sync to directories
  • Added new plugin ‘SyncDatabase’ which uses the ‘Microsoft Sync Framework’ to sync two SQL-Server databases
  • Added new date/time variables and
  • The ‘Use Timestamp’ option in the ‘Hotfolder’-trigger now also supports ‘hh:mm:ss’
  • ‘AUTODETECT’ option in ‘rsOutput2File – Microsoft Excel’ now also correctly sets a cell as a hyperlink if the data inserted is in format: =HYPERLINK(‘url’;’description’)



  • If you have a ‘PLUS Subscription’ for support and free updates you can now see the status of the subscription in the ‘Help\About Omniphlex’ window: you can see the number of days remaining in the PLUS subscription and you can extend the subscription. Note that the subscription will never be automatically renewed but you will always first need to confirm the renewal



  • Added ‘Description’ option to the workflows popup-menu. When selected a form is displayed where the user can configure the following: ‘Created by’, ‘Date’, ‘Description’ and ‘Changelog’. In the changelog a link (to a file or website) can be attached to each entry
  • Updated some internal code related to the configuration of Pairing
  • When you hover the mouse-pointer over a variable (in the popup-menu) the value of the variable will be displayed as a tooltip. Note: hidden values will not be displayed
  • When access-control is enabled and a user is logged-on to the localhost most functions will be executed directly on the machine and not go through the remote-control deamon. This improves performance and reduces the load on the remote-control daemon
  • Fixed problem in the Configuration Manager that the ‘busy-indicator’ did not always show correctly
  • Added ‘Last Day Of Month’ to Calendar scheduler in workflow properties to set a recurring date range for the last day of each month
  • Updated ‘Base64Encode’ plugin: Added ‘Encoding’ option for source file
  • Updated ‘ExportTable’ & ‘BulkImport’ plugins: added ‘PowerShell’ option
  • Fixed problem with resizing columns in network credentials list
  • Added option ‘PowerShell ScriptBlock’ to plugin ‘RunScript’. This will run the configured commands in a ScriptBlock on ‘ComputerName’ using the configured credentials ‘Username/Password’
  • Added new workflow-state: ‘Canceled’. When a workflow is ‘Canceled’ it is ‘disabled’ and will not be included in the function ‘Enable all disabled workflows’



  • Updated ‘S3 Hotfolder” trigger: the ‘Filter’ is now also applied to ‘S3key’. Because S3key also contains (sub)folder names this means the filter can now also be used on (sub)folder names in combination with filenames
  • Updated ‘S3download’ plugin: added new option ‘Auto-delete file on S3’ to automatically delete the file on S3 after it has been downloaded
  • Added new function to ‘XMLupdate’ plugin: ‘Keep/Remove Records’. This function can be used to use xpath-queries to select which records in an xml file should be removed and/or which should be kept
  • Updated ‘XMLformat’ plugin: added options ‘Keep/Remove Records’ and ‘Insert’
  • Updated ‘QueryDatabase’ plugin: added option ‘JSON-Output Compatible’ to support the ‘JSON’ option in ‘rsOutput2File’
  • Updated ‘rsOutput2File’ plugin: added ‘JSON’ export option. Note that this only works with SQL-Server and the option ‘JSON-Output Compatible’ needs to be enabled in ‘QueryDatabase’
  • Fixed problem with ‘Cleanup Databases’ function in ‘Manage Databases’
  • Plugin ‘RunScript’ now also supports PowerShell
  • The ‘Filter’ setting in the Hotfolder and S3 triggers now have a ‘edit and test filter’ button which opens a larger window to edit the filter



  • Fixed problem in XML XPath functions: when the first line of an XML-file was over 4096 characters long this would result in the namespaces not being read from the file, which could result in XPath query errors
  • When logged-on through remote-control (not as ‘ADMIN’) the shared configuration will only be saved if there have been changes to shared-settings. This is to prevent a potential conflict when more admin-users are logged-on at the same time
  • Fixed some problems in stopping/(re)starting services from ‘Manage Services’ and added ‘When Idle’ options: when these options are used the services will not be stopped/restarted before the daemon is idle
  • Fixed problem with ‘Excel2DB’; if a cell was empty the output would contain one double-quote “
  • It is now possible to ‘Clear’ a system database. This means the database settings are cleared and the handle gets the status ‘{unconfigured}’. This means the database will not be opened during runtime
  • Fixed problem that in some cases a duplicated workflow was not correctly selected (and made visible)
  • Fixed problem that in some circumstances opening a Text-driver database where the schema.ini is located on a network share caused an ‘Unknown network error occurred’ error
  • Fixed autodetect-encoding when processing XML files
  • Color-codes can now be entered manually (and pasted) in separator/(sub)group properties
  • Fixed Tesseract library mismatch (used by plugins that use OCR)
  • ‘Excel2DB’ and ‘CSV2DB’ now also supports cells that contain a CrLf and you can set the encoding for the inputfile
  • Improved parsing of namespaces from XML files
  • Added new plugin ‘XMLcombine’ to add the records from one XML file to an existing XML file



  • Updated “ExportTable” plugin: when using BCP you can now also configure a “Code page specifier” and “Extra commandline options”….the same as in “BulkImport”
  • Added new “Workflow”-group plugin: “AbortWorkflowTree” to stop the execution of an entire workflow-(tree) from anywhere within a workflow
  • Fixed problem that two workflows were selected after adding a new workflow and then “drag & drop” this workflow to a new position
  • Added alias for plugin “Excel2DB” called “CSV2DB” because “Excel2DB” can also be used to import CSV files. CSV2DB is now meant to import CSV files and Excel2DB for importing “native” XLS/XLSX files. It is also possible to set a custom separator character in “CSV2DB” and the plugin has a new option “Parse Numbers”. If unchecked numbers will be treated as text and not as numbers
  • Fixed problem in XML-handle related functions where an extremely long line the XML-file would hang the “Configuration Manager” and/or Daemons
  • Added new “QUERY” inline-function to “Database” group to run a query on a database-handle inline
  • Removed “Shared” option from “Credentials”. You now have to enable all daemons the credential should be applied to. Added new option: “Include in RemoteControl”. If enabled, the credential will also be used by the remote-control service


V8.14.0 (RC-level 8.14.0)

  • A “Plugin SDK” is now included with the installation which can be used to create plugins for Omniphlex. Note: each developer computer needs to have a special license installed to be able to create plugins!
  • Fixed problem that “rsReport” returned 0 records if it was running after a “Run Now” command
  • Fixed problem in “SetVariable” plugin that “GetHttpWebRequestStatusCode” function returned a string and not a code
  • Fixed problem in “GetXPathData” function in plugin “SetVariable” which could cause the function to enter a loop which would hang the plugin/daemon
  • Fixed problem in ActiveDirectory plugins, “Windows 2008” option: there was a problem detecting if a user was already a member of a group
  • Updated “Omniphlex WEB”: there is now a “Logging” page where logfiles from Omniphlex servers can be viewed in realtime and a “File Manager” page where files can be uploaded to- and downloaded from the Omniphlex server
  • Updated “Hotfolder”-trigger; it is now possible to use a recordset, or a recordset created from query (executed each time the hotfolder-trigger runs) as input for the hotfolder directorie(s). A column-name from the recordset can be configured and the content of this column (for each row in the recordset) will be used as the hotfolder-directory for the trigger
  • Network-credentials can now be enabled/disabled in the “Configuration Manager”
  • Fixed problem with “ForkWorkflow” plugin: when the command was executed with “Commands Only” enabled and the parent-workflow was not a “scheduled” workflow, the trigger of the workflow run by the “ForkWorkflow” command was changed to be the same as the parent-workflow
  • Fixed problem that “Query Timeout” setting in database properties was not correctly used by all database-drivers
  • JSON plugin now also imports data when the json file doesn’t contain any records but just contains entities in the root
  • Fixed problem with “ForkWorkflow”: file-information was lost after the second “ForkWorkflow” command
  • Fixed problem that when a Hotfolder-trigger was copied/pasted the properties of the trigger were not correctly set
  • Updated JSON plugin: when imported fields are not named in the JSON file the plugin will automatically use column-names “Col1”, “Col2”, etc…


V8.12.0 (RC-level 8.12.0)

  • Added timeout setting to ‘WebDownload’ & ‘WebUpload’
  • Added option to ‘Curl’ plugin to save StdErr to a variable
  • Greatly improved performance of ‘SecureFileUpload’ and ‘SecureFileDownload’ plugins by using streamed transfers
  • Fixed problem that when a workflow was duplicated that was inside a subgroup the duplicated workflow would not be placed inside the same subgroup and would not be automatically selected



  • Fixed problem in new online activation mechanism



  • Added two new ‘Mail’ plugins: ‘Office365AddUserPhoto’ & ‘Office365RemoveUserPhoto’ to add/remove photos from an Office365 account
  • Fixed problem in ‘XMLimport’ plugin that nothing was imported when selection list is empty
  • Fixed problem in ‘XMLexport’ plugin
  • Fixed error when using ‘Copy’ or ‘Cut’ on (shared)variables when select-all variables is selected
  • Updated ‘ManageExchangeMailbox’ plugin: it is now possible to create a mailbox in Office365
  • Introduced new ‘Manage Services’ interface
  • Fixed problem in ‘FTP Hotfolder’ trigger that for an sftp-connection the ‘Ignore Name’ setting was ignored which could result in a failed connection
  • Fixed problem in ‘rsExport2File’ plugin that ‘AutoCreate Directories’ setting was not correctly saved
  • Fixed problem in ‘CopyFile’ & ‘MoveFile’ plugins that sometimes the filesize was incorrectly reported to be ‘0 kb’ (this did NOT result in incorrectly copied or moved files)
  • Updated ‘QueryDatabase’ plugin: ‘XML-Output Compatible (SQLserver only)’ is no longer enabled by default
  • Updated ‘rsOutput2File’: when exporting to ‘Microsoft Excel’ you can now specify the ‘Numberformat’. This setting will affect the numberformat of the cell being updated (see help-file for more info on the different settings)
  • Updated ‘ADinfo’ plugin: when OU is empty and ‘Include Subtree’ is enabled the plugin will now search the entire domain
  • Added variable which contains the ‘affected records’ value of the last query



  • Fixed problem with internal reports
  • Fixed problem with text-driver when remotely connected
  • Added two new ‘File’ plugins: ‘AddAccessRule’ & ‘RemoveAccessRule’ to set/clear ntfs permissions on files and/or directories



  • Upgraded to Microsoft.Net Framework v4.7.2
  • Fixed problem during installation when ‘Run as LocalSystem’ was selected for the daemon-services; at the end of the service-installation a dialogbox to enter a username/password would be presented
  • Updated ‘Write2File’ plugin: ‘Force create file on empty text’ now also works if ‘Append’ is enabled
  • Improved file-locking handling when copying/moving files
  • Fixed problem with copying/moving workflows to another daemon that sometimes workflows would not be copied/moved to the correct (sub)group in the other daemon
  • Fixed problem that in some cases a daemon would set credentials that are configured to be set by another daemon
  • Moved the ‘Draw Commentboxes’ menu-option from the workflowdiagram popupmenu to the workflowdiagram toolbar
  • Fixed problem in Configuration Manager that in some cases dragging a workflow to another location would result in a corrupted workflow-diagram
  • Added option in ‘Interface’ preferences to ask for confirmation upon daemon stop/start/restart
  • Added new ‘PrintXLS’ plugin to print excel files
  • Added new ‘Encryption’ plugins: ‘PgpEncrypt’, ‘PgpDecrypt’ & ‘PgpSignAndEncrypt’
  • Fixed problem then when you are connected to a remote-server and clicked the ‘Open Active Logfile’ the local logfile was opened and not the remote logfile
  • Fixed problem in function ‘WebUrlExists’: when using the function multiple times in short succession the function would take more and more time to complete
  • Fixed slow performance problem of ‘Validate Workflows’ function



  • Fixed problem with ‘FileExists’ operator that wildcards didn’t work anymore



  • The deprecated ‘Web Daemon’ which has been replaced by ‘Omniphlex WEB’ is no longer being used/installed (and will be automatically removed)
  • The certificate used to encrypt the connection with the server, when using remote-control, is now installed (on the client) in the ‘CurrentUser’-store to prevent permission problems
  • Network-credentials can now be assigned to Daemons
  • Updated Hotfolder-trigger: you can now configure if the timestamp of the file (creation-date or modification-date) must (also) be used to determine if the file must be processed or not
  • Fixed problem in ‘S3download’ plugin: when using the ‘S3-trigger’ value from the ‘S3 Hotfolder’-trigger and the ‘S3 Hotfolder’-trigger was configured to use a region-endpoint that doesn’t begin with ‘https’ the download would fail
  • Simplified the stop/start/restart service/pool buttons on the main toolbar
  • Mathematical functions like ‘MF_Calculate’ and ‘Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide’ in ‘SetVariable’ plugin now also support decimal values
  • Added 19 new visual-styles (to change the look & feel of the Configuration Manager)
  • Added variables and (dd-MMM-yyyy format)



  • Fixed daily ‘reset’ mechanism in remote-control service which could cause a ‘ServiceChannel’ related error and cause the service to crash
  • Fixed problem with remote-control certificate when using ‘remote management’ installation
  • Updated ‘PDFpublish’ plugin: ‘Flip HTML5’ is now also supported to create HTML5 flipbooks/ebooks
  • Updated IP-Tools plugins related libraries



  • Fixed problem with shared-variables



  • Updated “Pairing” system with new options; in one pairing-group you can now configure one server to be a “Master” and the other servers to be a “MEMBER”. The “MEMBER” servers will automatically update their configuration from the “MASTER”
  • Remote Control now also supports custom port numbers when adding/using a validation server. The port can be configured by configuring the server as {servername}:{port}
  • Remote Control now uses compressed binary message encoding and SSL encryption for better performance and security
  • The “FTP Hotfolder” and “S3 Hotfolder” triggers now also support load-balancing when part of a paired daemon
  • Improved download performance in “FTPquickDownload” plugin
  • Updated “SetVariable” plugin: “Clear” now also clears the values
  • Updated “RsaDecryptAndVerify” plugin: fixed decryption problem on Windows 10/2012(R2) by using “Bouncy Castle” for decryption
  • Fixed problem in adding a remote-control server that a server with the same name but a different port could not be added and resulted in a “server is already in the list” warning
  • Added two new plugins: “SecureFileUpload” & “SecureFileDownload”. These plugins can be used to upload/download files to/from other Omniphlex servers and uses the compressed, encrypted remote-control webservice to transfer the data



  • New trigger “FTP Hotfolder”. When using the “FTP Hotfolder” trigger together with the “ftpQuickDownload” plugin, the connection to the ftp-server will stay open during downloading of the files. Only at the start of the workflow is the connection opened and closed again after the last file is downloaded. However: the “FTP Hotfolder” trigger will also open/close the connection before the workflow is started and the “FTP Hotfolder” trigger will also perform the stabeltime function so this is not required by the “ftpQuickDownload” plugin. All in all this results in far better performance when downloading large numbers of files
  • Renamed all FTP-triggers that have “Behave as Hotfolder” enabled to “FTP Hotfolder”
  • Renamed “S3”-trigger to “S3 Hotfolder”
  • Triggers “FTP Hotfolder” and “S3 Hotfolder” now also update the queue-info in “Auto Tracking”
  • Updated “RsaSignAndEncrypt” plugin: added “SHA256” encryption algorithm



  • Fixed problem with new stabletime mechanism in (s)ftp(s) plugins and trigger



  • Upgraded to Microsoft.Net Framework v4.7.1
  • Updated FTP-Trigger: fixed problem when using “Test” mode (an error message about a missing license would popup)
  • New “FTPquickDownload” plugin: this plugin can be used together with the new “FTP-Trigger” option “Behave as Hotfolder Trigger”. When this option is enabled in FTP-trigger, the trigger will behave as the Hotfolder-trigger; this means the workflow will be executed for each matching file found by the FTP-trigger. The new variables , and contain info about the current file. The new variable contains all information necessary to download the current file (including, server name, login info, security, etc.). This variable can be used in the “FTPquickDownload” plugin to download the file
  • Improved ftp stable-timer mechanism: the stable-time is no longer applied to each file being downloaded but only once in each session. This greatly improves performance when downloading large numbers of files
  • Updated “SharePointInfo” plugin: new “Get Managed Metadata” to read custom-properties from taxonomy data in Sharepoint
  • Updated “ServicesControl” plugin: new “WMI” option which supports “username/password” to connect with remote server
  • Disabled configuration “checksum check”
  • Fixed some issues with managing remote-control accounts and added support for FQDN (when using a validation server)
  • Removed “Secure Channel” option from “Remote Control” settings, because the data is always encrypted anyway
  • Updated “XMLupdate” plugin: when encoding is set to “AUTODETECT” the encoding will now be determined by the internal xmlreader which should better match the actual encoding of the file
  • In (shared) variables you can now hide the value by checking “Hide”. The “Value”-cell will then show “{hidden}”. Once the cell is entered the real value will be displayed
  • Fixed problem with date-format in Pairing



  • IMPORTANT: fixed resource-leak in all “Tools” plugin-pack plugins. With “Plugin Late Binding” enabled this could cause the daemons to crash
  • Updated “S3upload” plugin: added option to set “User-defined Metadata”



  • New “DecryptAesPassword” function in plugin “SetVariable”
  • Fixed problem with logging to the “WEB Monitor”: sometimes the wrong “workflow name” was being used in the log
  • New “GetFileNameFromPath” & “GetDirectoryNameFromPath” functions in plugin “SetVariable”
  • Fixed credential problem/errors in S3 plugins



  • New Amazon Glacier plugins & trigger to create/delete vaults, upload/download/delete archives in vaults and retrieve inventories from vaults
  • New “GetXPathCount” function in plugin “SetVariable” to retrieve the number of selected nodes for a given xpath query
  • Moved S3-plugins to new “Amazon” category
  • Updated “ExportXLS2PDF” plugin: the “PrintArea” is now correctly used when saving a worksheet to PDF
  • Fixed problem in plugin “SetVariable”: special regular-expression replacement metacharacters could cause the plugin to hang
  • Fixed problem with quotes (“) in column-names in plugin “Excel2DB”
  • Updated plugin “rsOutput2Database”: only applicable to SQLserver-driver: date/time column is now created using MM and not MMM when “[SourceType]” is selected. MMM could cause errors when there are differences in regional-settings between Omniphlex server and SQLserver server
  • Updated plugin “rsOutput2Database”: it is now possible to save the queries that are executed by the plugin to a file. Optionally the queries can only be exported to the file (not actually executed)
  • Updated “ForEach” plugin: added “File in Directory” and “Directory in Directory” options



  • It’s now possible to search in the plugin library
  • Fixed problem with XML-output in rsOutput2File when using “Use SQLserver XML”. This fix means that when using the SQL-Server database-driver the correct number of affected-records for non-queries like “UPDATE, DELETE, etc.” can no longer be correctly displayed. In these cases the number of affected records will always be 0
  • Fixed problem in plugin “MoveFile”: when using wildcards and “Always Overwrite” is on and the destination file existed, the source file was incorrectly deleted and not the destination file
  • Fixed problem in plugin “CreateXMLenvelope”



  • Updated “Omniphlex WEB”: the new, per daemon, setting “Automatic Tracking” will automatically create tracking entries for all “Enabled” workflows of that daemon. The “@System Tracking” page on “Omniphlex WEB” will then show the status of these workflows, the last time they finished and for hotfolder workflows it also shows real-time queue information
  • The “log directory” now defaults to “{installdir}\Logging” when it has not been configured yet
  • New plugin “ExcelRunMacro” to run macro(s) in an Excel workbook (requires MS-Excel)
  • Fixed problem that when “Access Control” was enabled and the Admin password needed to be set, Access Control was not actually enabled
  • Fixed problem in “PsExec” plugin: the remote-program was not executed
  • The installer will now automatically create missing configuration files (ini files)
  • It is now possible to remove all application registry keys (including licensekeys) during full uninstall
  • Fixed problem in Pooling: workflows were not correctly merged when a new pool was being initialized
  • Fixed problem in “FTPSlist” that certain properties were not correctly saved/set
  • Updated “(S)FTP(S)list” plugins: added extra option “Include Directory Name in List”. If unchecked: directory names that don’t match the filter will not be included in the list
  • Fixed problem with retry-functionality in SFTP-plugins
  • New plugin “ExcelRunMacro” to run macro(s) in an Excel workbook (requires MS-Excel)
  • New plugin “SendMail”: you can now configure a shared SMTP mailserver in “Configuration\General” and these settings will be automatically used in this new “SendMail” plugin. All daemons will use these settings whenever the “SendMail” plugin is executed
  • Updated “Omniphlex WEB”: whenever a session has a timeout this no longer causes an error (and the error-page to be displayed)
  • Fixed problem in “RunProgram” & “Shell” plugins: when saving stdOut to a variable the previous result was not correctly cleared
  • Added “https” support for “ReadRSS” plugin & trigger



  • Updated “ServicesControl” plugin: the DisplayName of the service can now also be saved to a variable
  • Fixed problem in “ADcreateGroup” & “ADdeleteGroup” plugins: username/password function didn’t work correctly
  • Updated “PurgeFile” plugin: new option to keep a specific number of files in a directory
  • Fixed problem in Pairing: when filenames had a quote ‘ in the filename it would not be picked-up when Pairing is enabled
  • Updated all code that used MS-Excel automation: MS-Excel is now no longer required and all related functions are now handled by internal code that does not require MS-Excel to be installed
  • Added functions “GetHttpWebRequestCode” & “GetHttpWebRequestDescription” to plugin “SetVariable”


V8.5.3 (RC-level 8.5.3)

  • Updated “MapNetworkDrive” and “UnmapNetworkDrive”; the plugins can now also be used to set/cancel the credentials for a network-share (UNC-path) without actually mapping a drive-letter to the UNC-path
  • Fixed memory-leak in sftp plugins
  • Fixed problem in “CompressFile” & “CompressDirectory”: files which contained a comma (,) in the name were not added to the archive
  • Changed MS-Office automation code back to standard methodology because of problems on some installations with the new method
  • New plugin: “SignXML” to sign XML files using the XMLDSig standard
  • New plugin: “CreateXMLenvelope” to create an XML-envelope from a file (= embed the file as base64-encoded string into an XML-file)
  • All Active Directory plugins now support “Username/Password” settings to configure credentials for communicating with the AD-server
  • Updated “Base64Decode” plugin: the “encoding” type of the output file can now be configured
  • Fixed problem in “rsOutput2Database”: data was not always correctly inserted as “NULL”
  • “Administrators” can now also manage shared databases
  • “Export to Database” in interactive “QueryDatabase” now also works through remote-control
  • New “Network Credentials” list in “Configuration\Lists”. This can be used to configure network-share credentials and/or mapped network drives which are automatically connected during startup. This means it’s no longer necessary to use a startup-workflow to map all necessary network-drives. Local- and shared credentials can be configured. The shared credentials are also being connected by the remote-control daemon which allows you to setup all network credentials which are required by the remote-control daemon
  • Fixed problem with editing schema properties when connected through remote-control
  • Fixed problem with WEB Jobtickets when connected through remote-control
  • New “Proces Monitor” in Omniphlex WEB. This can be used to monitor servers, databases, discs, etc.. The “Proces Monitor” webpage shows an icon for each monitored item and the color represents the status of the item. The “ProcesMonitor” plugin can be used to change the status of the items
  • New “JSON” plugin to import JSON data from a file or webpage into a recordset



  • Added extra configuration options to sftp-plugins: “Key Exchange”, “Encryption”, “MAC” and “Public Key” algorithms can now be configured
  • Fixed some problems when connected through remote-control: “Test Database”, configure Pairing and make/restore backup now work again
  • Added “WebUrlExists” operator to “OnCondition” (trigger & plugin), “DoWhile” and “IfThenElse”



  • Important fix: daemon could crash on startup if the service is running as LocalSystem
  • Fixed problem (introduced in v8.5.0) that copy/paste of Triggers didn’t work anymore
  • Added “Auto rotate” option to “SimpleImageConvert” plugin. The image will be rotated according to the “Orientation” tag and the orientation tag will be reset to match the new orientation
  • Improved handling of incorrect tracelog configuration in FTP-trigger and/or FTP-plugins


V8.5.0 (RC-level 8.5.0)

NOTE: This update will automatically update all configuration files to change all internal separator-strings to new separator-strings. This is to prevent possible corruption of the configuration files. Configuration files from v8.5.0 (and later) are not compatible with versions before 8.5.0!

  • New “CreateSha1Hash”, “CreateSha256Hash”, “CreateSha384Hash” & “CreateSha512Hash” functions in “SetVariable” plugin to create a hash from a string. The hash can be encoded in hex, decimal or base64
  • Fixed problem with stabletimer function in HotFolder-trigger: sometimes a “FileTimestampChanged” would be reported for a file that was actually stable
  • New plugin “rsGetTable” to copy the contents of a table to a new recordset
  • New plugin “rsGetTables” to export all table names of a database (handle) to a new recordset
  • New plugin “rsGetColumns” to export all column names of a table from a database (handle) to a new recordset
  • Updated “ReplaceText” plugin: new “Use Entire File” option to apply the replacement to the entire file at once as opposed to line-by-line
  • Updated “ExportXLS2CSV” & “Excel2DB” plugins: the plugins can now use an internal OpenOffice driver to read excel files (which doesn’t require MS-Excel to be installed)
  • Updated “SIE-Import” plugin: new “Type-4 Alternative DIM” option in which the highest DIM is determined by searching for the highest DIM in the TRANS records
  • Fixed problem that a text-driver database could not be opened interactively when connected through remote-control
  • When saving the configuration from the “Configuration Manager” and when a daemon starts all workflows are now checked if they have an empty workflow-script (no commands). If so, the Configuration Manager will display an error-message and the daemon(s) won’t be able to start
  • Updated “SetVariable” plugin: new “GetImageSizeX” & “GetImageSizeY” functions
  • Updated “SimpleImageConvert” plugin: new options to “not resize” and/or “don’t change resolution” if the size and/or resolution of the original image is smaller than the requested size and/or resolution
  • Implemented new code to use MS-Office applications (used by plugins that require MS-Excel and/or MS-Word). This means it is no longer necessary to configure the path to the MS-Excel executable and this option has been removed from the Configuration Manager
  • Updated “Curl” plugin: fixed problem that the data received by Curl was not being reset before each new run, so with each new run the new data was being appended to the old data
  • Introduced md5-checksum-check on configuration; if the configuration has changed (by manually editing the ini-file for example) the “Configuration Manager” will display a warning message when the configuration is being loaded. Whenever a configuration-check fails, an entry is written to the “{installdir}\Integrity.log” logfile. If a daemon loads a configuration file and the check fails the daemon won’t be able to start!
  • Updated trigger “RSS” and plugin “ReadRSS”: they can now also process Atom feeds
  • Updated plugin “WriteIPTC”: you can now configure the quality of the outputfile
  • Added “Save As (old format)” and “Save Shared (old format)” menu options to save the configuration to the old-format (pre v8.5.0)
  • Updated SFTP libraries



  • Fixed problem with the renaming of “PDF_SplitPage” to “PDF_CropPage”
  • Fixed problem in FTP(S) plugins: when using the stabletimer function files were sometimes not being downloaded. Fixed problem with removing empty directories
  • “FileExists” operator now supports wildcards



  • Fixed problem with “SetWorkflow” plugin that new settings were not always correctly applied
  • Updated FTP(S) plugins: changed internal buffersize settings which results in greatly improved transfer speeds



  • Fixed problem in Pooling-system that sometimes not all workflows were loaded which caused the Supervisor-service to hang when this workflow was scheduled to be executed
  • Fixed problem in plugin “ADmodifyUser” that password was not always changed
  • Fixed problem in remote-control related to multiple users logged on to the same server
  • Updated FTP-Trigger: when using ftp(s) it’s now possible to create a logfile
  • Updated plugin “SimpleImageConvert”: added output support for the following formats: JPEG2000, ICO and PDF, added “crop” functionality
  • Plugin “PDF_SplitPage” has been renamed to “PDF_CropPage” and it’s now possible to choose from more preset crop formats and to set custom crop dimensions



  • Pairing bugfixes
  • “Cleanup Variables” is now no longer case-sensitive
  • Chat now shows different users in different colors
  • The statusbar of the “Configuration Manager” now shows the number of transactions of the selected daemon since it was last started
  • “Test” button in triggers is now disabled when connected through remote-control (and you are not connected to the local machine)
  • New debug-logging options; it’s now possible to choose between “All”, “System” & “Pairing” debug-logging and debug-logging is now displayed with special colours in the Monitor
  • Fixed problem with copy/paste of Hotfolder-trigger: it’s properties were not correctly copied



  • Pairing bugfix: when starting a workflow using “Run Now” this would cause pairing to stop working
  • Updated plugins “CopyFile” & “MoveFile”: extra option to auto-number the outputfile in case the outputfile exists



  • Improved Pairing-mechanism
  • Remote-control will now automatically unlock hanging users (after 10 minutes)



  • The color of the “Daemon Status” now shows which daemons are in use (only when remote-control is enabled). Orange means the daemon is in use by another user
  • New chat-functionality to chat between connected users (only works when using remote-control)
  • New plugin: PDFAcroFormList to save all formfields from a PDF file to a recordset
  • New “Encoding” option in “rsOutput2File\Textfile” plugin


V8.4.0 (RC-level 8.4.0)

  • Remote Control now uses Windows Communication Foundation webservices for communication
  • Updated the “Manage Databases” interface. There are now (local) databases, shared databases and system databases. When upgrading, all normal databases will be imported/saved as shared databases
  • Added extra “Manage Databases” privilege to remote-control accounts
  • Fixed search-problem when connected through remote-control
  • Implemented new “Manage Services” GUI. The Daemons are now displayed as icons and not as a list
  • Fixed problem in “MoveFile” plugin that directories were always automatically created, regardless of the configuration of the plugin
  • New “Auto Touch” option in Hotfolder-trigger. If enabled, all processed files are automatically “touched”, which means the “LastWrite” timestamp of the file is updated to the current system time. This is, for instance, useful when the Hotfolder-trigger is set to “Oldest First” and the there was an error processing the file. Normally the same file would be processed again first the next run, but when it’s “touched” it will be put at the bottom of the filequeue
  • Fixed ctrl-c, ctrl-v & ctrl-x in (shared) variable gridviews
  • Plugin “PDF_Compress” no longer requires third-party software
  • Upgraded internal PDF-libraries which results in significant performance increase in PDF related tasks
  • Remote-control users can now change their password (if this right is enabled in the account properties)
  • Remote-control now has “background-logging” (separate thread)
  • Updated plugin “SetVariable”: function “RandomKey” has new “c={charlist}” option to configure your own list of characters to use
  • Fixed workflow-list contextmenu “Open Logfile”
  • The menu-option “Search Workflows” had been renamed to “Find” and moved to the “Edit” menu. It’s now possible to also search in the logging
  • Fixed problem with option “All Instances” in “rsReport” plugin
  • The Remote-Control service will now automatically start all daemon-services that are set to “Automatic” when the Remote-Control service is started. (On some servers not all daemon-services that are set to “Automatic” are actually started automatically)
  • Fixed problem in “rsFileList” that the contents of the recordset were not sorted according to the HotFolder-trigger configuration
  • Updated Remote-control: users that have no “Save Configuration” right and are also not an Administrator will always open daemons in “read-only” mode and will not lock the daemon for other users
  • Updated (s)ftp(s) plugins: when “Retry” is greater than 0 all errors that occur before the last retry are reported as “warning” and not as “error”
  • When remote-control is enabled the daemons will now automatically encrypt their configuration file in case it was not encrypted
  • Fixed problem with “auto-backup
  • Fixed problem with “Horizontal Output” setting when using “OpenDatabase” command without a preset-database



  • Fixed problem with active-mode in FTP plugins and FTP trigger
  • It’s now possible to copy&paste between the normal workflow-diagram and the “Run Script” workflow-diagram
  • Improved load-balancing mechanism of “Pairing”
  • Fixed problem with “Pairing” that sometimes entries in the pairing-database were not removed
  • The server-time is now displayed on the statusbar of the “Configuration Manager”. When you are connected to a remote-server, the time of the remote-server is displayed



  • Fixed problem with database Text-driver when used through remote-control (access-control)
  • Fixed problem in pooling that separator-workflows would cause the workflows not to be correctly loaded by the Supervisor
  • Fixed problem with restarting pools
  • New “System” variable which contains the Daemon description
  • When using remote-control you can now delegate the login-verification to another remote-control server. This way you can maintain all login-accounts on one server and they don’t need to be created on all servers. In case the login-server (validation server) is unreachable cached accountinfo will be used so it’s still possible to login
  • Fixed problem with reports on Windows Server 2012(R2)
  • Updated plugin “PDF_FillAcroForm”: the option to flatten the form fields (non editable) is now optionable
  • Updated FTPS plugins and trigger: when selecting a certificate all available certificates are now displayed. Before only certificates with a valid date were displayed
  • Daemons will now catch unhandled-exceptions to better shutdown essential services (like Pairing) in case the program crashes
  • The Configuration Manager will now automatically shutdown after 30 minutes of user inactivity



  • Fixed problem with 2GB+ files
  • Fixed problem with triggers: internal logmessage command caused eventlog errors
  • Fixed problem with copying/moving workflows to another daemon when using remote-control
  • Fixed “Find” function which finds workflows in the workflow-list; workflows that were part of a subgroup were not found before
  • The option to dynamically add new (shared) variables is now correctly linked to the user-rights when connected through remote-control



  • Upgraded all assemblies to Microsoft.NET Framework 4.6.2
  • Remote-control now displays a message when you are logged-on as “Admin”
  • Copying/moving workflows is now disabled when you are logged-on using remote-control (to prevent data-loss due to other connected users)
  • “Hotfolder”-trigger now compares the file-timestamp with the file-timestamp of the moment the file was first found. Before: this was compared to the system timestamp which could result in unpredictable results when the file was stored on a share of a server with a system time that was out-of-sync with the system-time of the server where the workflow is running
  • Fixed problem in “Pooling” that the configuration of the pool was lost when the first member-daemon of the pool was removed from the pool
  • New “Tools” plugin: “Base64Encode” to base64 encode a file or string



  • Fixed problem with FTP that on some servers the check for the encoding type resulted in an error. This check is now always done after authentication
  • Fixed problem with remote-control that the service-status was not always correctly displayed and services could not be (re)started



  • In the “Configuration Manager” it’s now possible to change the layout of your workspace (dockable windows)
  • Fixed problem that service-status was sometimes not correctly updated
  • Fixed problem that copying/moving workflows to another daemon would sometimes cause the “Configuration Manager” to stop responding
  • Reverted to using standard .NET Framework System.IO for all IO routines. If you need support for extended paths (over 260 chars): install .NET Framework 4.6.2




  • Fixed problem with “RunVBDotNetCode” and “RunCSharpDotNetCode” plugins
  • Fixed problem with wildcards in “CopyFile”, “MoveFile” and “DeleteFile” plugins



  • Fixed problem in interval variable-interpreter which caused nested variables not to be interpreted correctly



  • Implemented new plugin architecture to improve performance and stability
  • Updated “PDF_ExtractText” plugin. There are no longer any options on how to extract the text from a PDF file. The plugin will now automatically work for most PDF files
  • Updated “PDF_ExtractText” plugin. The plugin now supports OCR to extract from images that are embedded in the PDF
  • Fixed problem in “Manage Databases” that the changes to the internal databases were not correctly applied
  • New option in “Variables”-tab and “Shared Variables”-tab to automatically check for unused variables and delete them
  • New option in “Manage Databases” to automatically check for unused databases and remove them
  • Fixed problem that expand-button to open groups did not work correctly on some servers
  • New “Tools” plugin: “BackupConfig. This plugin will copy the (decrypted) configuration of all daemons (including the shared configuration) to the configured directory
  • New “Imaging” plugin: “OCR”. This plugin will extract text from an imagefile using OCR and save the text to a variable or file
  • New “Copy to all Daemons” option in “Preset Database Properties” to copy the WEB-database to all Daemon configurations
  • Improved speed of saving the configuration
  • You can now make a report of the Tracking-configuration. The report will contain all relevant information (servers, daemon, workflows, etc) of the configured Flows
  • With “Tracking” it is now possible to have “Reporting Only” (set per workflow) which means the Tracking-information will only be used by the reporting functionality of “Tracking”
  • support for extended length paths (longer than 260 characters)
  • Implemented new library to create spreadsheets (without using Microsoft Excel)
  • It’s now possible to autosize the workflowname column in the workflow listview
  • Pairing now works for all workflows
  • Validation-warnings that are ignored can now automatically be saved to a permanent (shared) global ignorelist. The list can be managed from the “Configuration\Lists\Validation Exception List” tab
  • When a variable name is changed triggers are now also correctly updated
  • When a database-handle is renamed all workflows and configurations are now automatically updated
  • It’s now possible to show the status of the daemons in the daemon-tabs at the bottom of the Configuration Manager
  • When you add or rename a variable it can’t have the same name as an existing database-handle. Vice versa; when you add or rename a database-handle it can’t have the same name as a (shared) variable
  • Updated “BackupConfig” plugin: you can now optionally backup and reset the “All.log” logfile
  • Updated “UpdateWebConfig” plugin: you can now optionally include disabled workflows



  • Fixed problem in “AppendFile” plugin
  • “Connect Remote Server” is now always visible
  • When opening an inifile, the product version of the inifile is checked. If the inifile is of a different (major) version an alert message will be shown
  • Fixed problem in “Remote Control” with multiple logons of the same “Administrator” account
  • Updated “ADinfo” plugin: column “fldGroups” will now only be included in the recordset if “Include Groups” is enabled
  • Fixed some issues with “Remote Control”



  • Upgraded assemblies to .NET Framework 4.5.2
  • Fixed problem that excel files couldn’t be imported in “Excel2DB” plugin
  • Fixed problem that subgroups were not correctly saved
  • New “Move to last position” option in “rsMoveTo” plugin
  • Fixed problem in “MailOnServer” trigger and “POPreceiveMail” & “IMAPreceiveMail” plugins that the “Subject” filter would automatically be reset to “.” When the filter was set to be empty
  • Fixed problem in “ADmodifyUser” plugin that the 2008/2012 setting was not correctly used
  • New “BGC” encoding setting in “HMACsign” plugin
  • Fixed problem in “Configuration Manager” that database-list in “Manage Databases” window didn’t scale properly
  • Updated Oracle driver to v4.121.2.0
  • Update MySQL driver to v6.9.8.0



  • Fixed “Import” function; you can now manually import an FST-Pro v7 configuration
  • Updated “MailOnServer” trigger and “IMAPreceiveMail” & “POPreceiveMail” plugins; implemented new IMAP and POP libraries. Among other improvements, TNEF encoded attachments (from MS-Outlook) are now correctly decoded



  • Fixed problem that errorflag wasn’t properly set with “Background Logging” enabled
  • Fixed problem in “XMLupdate” plugin that caused XML sourcefile to remain open and locked
  • Updated “IMAPreceiveMail” plugin and “MailOnServer” trigger; it’s now possible to retrieve the mailbox list from the server to set the correct mailbox
  • When logging on as an “Administrator” user (remote control) you now also get a message when you try to open a daemon or pool that is in use by another user
  • Updated Excel related functionality to prevent problems caused by different MS-Office versions



  • “Background Logging” is now optional
  • Improved performance of background tasks in Configuration Manager
  • You can now set the logon-identity of the Daemon-services during installation



  • First public release


What’s new

  • Daemon Pooling: group one or more daemons into a “pool” and the supervisor service will automatically assign the workflows to the available daemons (during runtime). This ensures better utilization of the daemons and gives far better performance
  • the “Pairing” mechanism now does full loadbalancing on hotfolder workflows, meaning that when a hotfolder workflow is paired the available files in the hotfolder will be processed simultaneously by the member servers
  • workflows can now be grouped in “Groups” and “Subgroups”
  • 50%+ performance increase in most workflows due to new multi-threaded design
  • new workflow list interface
  • “Shared” workflows are now always listed in the “Shared” group
  • new “Find” feature to quickly find workflows in the list
  • implemented new visual style and updated a lot of interface controls
  • improved logging “Monitor”. Among other changes you can now directly select the logging of other important services, like “Supervisor”, “Remote Control”, “Web Daemon” etc.
  • main interface font can now be configured in “Configuration\Advanced\Interface”
  • you can now “Validate” individual workflows, or the selected workflows
  • when copying or moving workflows to another daemon, the variables that are used by the workflow are also copied to the other daemon
  • new “PDFpublish” plugin to create an online flipbook from a PDF file (requires this-party application)
  • new “XMLupdate” plugin which uses Xpath queries to update the contents of an XML file
  • in the “SetVariable” plugin you can now use the updated value of a variable set in “Variable-n” in the next variable(s): “Variable-n+1”, etc.
  • new “GetXPathData” function in “SetVariable” to directly read a value from an XML file into a variable using Xpath
  • textfile related plugins now all have an “Encoding” configuration setting to set the encoding of the file. Some of the options have the “NoBOM” addition which means “No Byte Order Mark”
  • it’s now possible to add new (shared) variables directly from the “context popupmenu”
  • when you try to update the value of a read-only variable this now causes an error (triggering “ErrorAction”)
  • new “LastDayInMonth” and “DaysInMonth” functions in “SetVariable”
  • implemented new ftp-libraries
  • “Access Control” now supports more “User Rights” and it’s possible to configure if an account is allowed to login more then once (“Allow Multiple Instances”). The “Show Users” interface can be used to show the connected users and to “unlock” them if necessary
  • You can now configure which assemblies (DLL’s) can be used by the “RunCSharpDotNetCode” and “RunVBDotNetCode” plugins in the “{installdir}\Tools\runscript.ref” file
  • new (faster) HTML render-engine for log-monitor
  • Implemented “background workers” in “Configuration Manager” to manage the processing of logging and (daemon) statusinfo. This greatly increases the speed/responsiveness of the UI of the “Configuration Manager”
  • Added “Format XML” option to XML output in rsOutput2File
  • New “Daemon Status” statusbar at the right side of the Configuration Manager