Download the Community-Edition of Omniphlex

The CE-version is (almost) fully functional and can be used both for personal- and commercial use.

It has the following limitations:

  • one daemon
  • no pairing
  • no pooling
  • no remote-control (accounts-based login)

Latest release: v9.3.3.0


Looking for the commercial version of Omniphlex? Go here…

Release Notes Community-Edition


  • Added new plugin “SFTPtest” to test if an sftp-server is reachable and login works. The plugin can be used to set a variable to “0” or “1” depending on if the connection was successful
  • Updated plugins “PDF_SplitPages” & “PDF_ReversePages” to use more reliable code
  • Enabled option “Remove Empty Directories” in plugin “FTPquickDownload”
  • Fixed problem in plugin “SFTPlist” that timestamp was not retrieved correctly
  • Fixed problem in plugin “ForEach” that the counter that indicates the total number of steps-to-be-executed would be overwritten (changed) if a sub-workflow of the “ForEach” command also contained one or more “ForEach” commands
  • When using variables in a preset database-connection these variables are now correctly replaced during a “Test Connection”
  • Added new Ftp variables: {var:FtpFilenameExt} and {var:FtpFilenameNoExt}
  • Fixed option “Format XML” in plugin “rsOutput2File” to correctly follow the “Encoding” setting
  • Fixed problem in “ForkWorkflow” plugin that in some cases the “LastFinished” timestamp was not set which caused an error when automatic-tracking is enabled
  • Added support for “Modern Authentication” to plugin “Office365AddUserPhoto”
  • Fixed problem when using “RunScript” plugin
  • Changed method of writing JSON file in “rsOutput2File” to prevent out-of-memory error
  • Added new database-driver “IBMDB2”
  • Updated Omniphlex-WEB: added “AutoRefresh” checkbox and date selection to “Log Monitor”


  • Fixed problem in plugin “IfThenElse” that workflow names were incorrectly encoded as variables
  • Updated error-logging to show more information when possible
  • Fixed problem that the “find” option below the workflow-list would cause the daemon to be incorrectly flagged as being changed


  • Clicking “Ok” when closing the properties of a trigger or plugin will no longer cause a “There are unsaved changes” message when there were no actual changes to the trigger or plugin
  • Enabled context-menu in “Cleanup Variables” (only the “Paste” option is disabled)
  • Added extra logging to plugin “OnCondition”


  • All variables must now always be encoded using {var:varname}. This includes all system variables like ‘<Filename>’, which should now be {var:Filename}. Older format variables will automatically be renamed to the new format!
  • Variable-groups are now displayed as different tabs in ‘Variables’. Note that the available groups are still managed from the ‘Configuration\Advanced\Lists’ section
  • Fixed problem in Hotfolder-trigger, related to ‘Single File Handling’, the trigger would not try to process the next file if the first file was not stable
  • The C# and VB.Net code related plugins now use the ‘Roslyn’ compiler to support higher levels of C# and VB.Net code
  • Added option ‘Replace Variable’ to workflow-list context-menu. With this option all occurrences of a variable(name) can be replaced with another variable(name)
  • Added options ‘Replace Variable’ to the toolbar of the workflow-diagram
  • Added option ‘Inheritable’ to workflow-variables: if this option is enabled the value of the variable is passed on to, and inherited from any child workflow(s)
  • Updated plugin ‘SharePointUpload’: you can now save the document-ID to a variable and fixed a problem with ‘lookup’ type
  • Fixed problem that copy/paste of a large number of variables was very slow
  • Fixed problem with duplicating ‘Subgroups’
  • Fixed problem that certain special characters could not be used when renaming or duplicating ‘Groups’, ‘Subgroups’ or ‘Separators’
  • Improved copying/moving workflows and groups to another Daemon
  • ‘Used Variables’ are now always displayed in a dockable window (requires an automatic re-initialization of the workspace)
  • Selecting a variable in the ‘Used Variables’ list will select all nodes in the workflow-diagram where the selected variable is used
  • Added indicator ‘D’ to the statusbar of the ‘Configuration Manager’ that shows if there are unsaved changes


  • It’s now possible to configure “Workflow Variables” (in the properties of each workflow). These variables are only valid for the workflow in which they are defined and can’t be used (or exist) in other workflows
  • Added alias for plugin “JSON” called “JSON2DB” in category “Database”
  • Updated plugin “CSV2DB”: “Input file” can now also be a string
  • Updated function “ExtractStringFromFile” in plugin “SetVariable”: the file is now always processed line-by-line and all matches are appended to the result
  • Fixed problem with “Arrange From Here” function in workflow-diagram
  • Fixed problem that the recordset created by plugin “Excel2DB” & “CSV2DB” could not be queried by “QueryDatabase”
  • Variables in the context popup-menu are now displayed without < >
  • Workflow-lists will now show if a workflow is ‘enabled’, ‘disabled’ or ‘standby’, by using the ‘Workflowlist colors’ as configured in “Advanced\Interface”
  • Fixed problem in “GoogleStorage Hotfolder” trigger which caused some files not to get processed
  • Fixed problem in “Google Storage” plugins and trigger when different workflows used different credential json files
  • Optimized the interface of “Manage Services”
  • Added new workflow plugin “WarningAction” to configure what should happen if a “Warning” occurs (similar to “ErrorAction” plugin)


  • Fixed arrange-diagram buttons in the toolbar of the workflow-diagram


  • Updated plugins “IMAPreceiveMail”, “POPreceiveMail” and trigger “MailOnServer” to support “Microsoft OAUTH2” authentication. The trigger and plugins can automatically request an access-token and store the access-token to a local “KeyStore”. The trigger and plugins can then use the access-token from the KeyStore to authenticate the connection. If the access-token has expired a new one will automatically be requested. Note that you will need to register an application in Azure with the correct permissions for this to work. See the help for more information on this.
  • Fixed problem in Hotfolder-trigger with deleting rejected files


  • Added options to “StopDaemon” and “RestartDaemon” plugins to stop/restart “All” Daemons and to “Stop/Restart When Idle”
  • Added new “WellFormedXml” operator to plugins “DoWhile”, “IfThenElse”, “OnCondition” and trigger “OnCondition”. The operator will return “True” if the configured file is a well-formed xml, “False” if it is not a well-formed xml
  • Fixed problem with incorrect assembly-version in plugin “HttpClient”
  • Added options to “Configuration Manager” to map/unmap all enabled connections in the “Network Credentials” list
  • Experimental support for “Microsoft OAuth” authentication in “IMAPreceiveMail” plugin
  • Added option “Use First Seen Timestamp” option to “Hotfolder”-trigger. The “First Seen” timestamp is the date/time the Daemon first finds (“sees”) the file in the hotfolder. This timestamp is then used by the “Stable Timer” to determine if a file is stable. This can be used to only process files which have been “seen” in the hotfolder for at least the “Stable time” amount of seconds.
  • “Workflow Validation” now checks if a workflow that is run but another workflow is either “Enabled” or “Standby”. In all other cases the Validation will fail
  • Updated plugin “PDF_CreatePdfFromText” to better support empty lines and form-feeds
  • When new workflows are created the “Creation Date” will now be saved and shown as “Creation Date” in the “Description” of the workflow. If a workflow has no “Creation Date” (all workflows that were created before this update) the date of the first edit of the “Description” will be shown as “Date”
  • Added new plugin “ChangeEncoding” to “File”-category. This plugin can be used to change the encoding of a file
  • Fixed problem with “Landscape” setting in plugin “PDF_CreatePdfFromText”
  • Added new plugin to “Workflow”-group: “ResetWorkflowOverdue”. Running this plugin will reset the “WorkflowOverdue” value for all workflows
  • Updated plugin “rsReport” to include the following runtime information: “LastFinished” (date/time when the workflow last finished), “AverageRuntime” (average runtime in seconds), “LastOverdueTime” (the last ‘WorkflowOverdue’ value), “MaxOverdueTime” (the maximum that ‘WorkflowOverdue’ reached) “ProcessedItems” (the number of items/files that were processed)
  • Updated plugins “ADcreateUser”, “ADmodifyUser”, “ADcreateContact” & “ADmodifyContact”: you can now use “[clear]” in the “Value” of an ad-property to clear the property and the properties now also support empty strings to set the property to an empty string
  • Implemented “<WorkflowLastOverdueTime>” variable which contains the last Overdue-time (in seconds) of the current workflow
  • Added operator “WorkflowOverdueGreaterThan” operator to “OnCondition”-trigger and plugins “DoWhile”, “IfThenElse” and “OnCondition”
  • Updated “rsReport” plugin to include the “WorkflowLastOverdueTime” value for each workflow
  • Added option “Run at Startup” to workflow-properties. This option is only available when “Scan Interval” is an interval in seconds and when enabled, will make the workflow run immediately after startup of the daemon.
  • Completely re-coded the internal scheduler because of (potential) problems with the scheduling of workflows. This fixes the problem of workflows (not) running at (un)expected times
  • The system logging now always shows the exact time a workflow is scheduled to run and how many seconds a workflow was overdue (compared to when it was supposed to start) NOTE: because workflows run sequential and not parallel is can still happen that a workflow actually runs later then it was scheduled to run, because other workflows may not have finished execution yet!
  • When a workflow is using the calendar the logging now shows more info about at what time the workflow should run


  • When the tracking/WEB database is not reachable this will no longer trigger the “ErrorAction” in workflows
  • Added “Skip First Line” option to plugin “ForEach – Line in File”
  • Fixed error when creating comment-boxes
  • The “Configuration Manager” now shows the total number of errors of the daemon or pool in the status-bar at the bottom
  • Streamlined workflow-diagram interface in “Configuration Manager”
  • Fixed problem in “FTP-Hotfolder”-trigger that when using normal ftp (port 21) the first character of subdirectory-names was missing
  • Fixed problem with strange arrow behaviour in workflow-diagram when connecting a node to another node which already has incoming arrows
  • The context popup-menu now contains a “Helper” option which can be used to more precisely configure “inline strings” like “<RE_Replace¦…>”, “<RS:READ:…>” etc.
  • Updated plugin “XMLupdate” to support regular-expressions in the “Update Value(s)” and “Current Value” settings
  • Fixed problem with dragging a workflow-group to the top or bottom
  • Fixed problem with using variables and/or text in handles
  • Fixed problem that certain variables were not correctly encoded as a variable in the configuration
  • Fixed problem with “Restart When Idle” when used with a service: the service was only stopped, not started again
  • Updated plugin “Excel2DB”: added option “Parse Dates” and the option to set a date-format
  • Updated plugin “Excel2DB”: you can now replace or remove specific text from cell range(s)
  • Fixed problem with workflow reports
  • Fixed problem with case-sensitive handles
  • Improved functionality & performance of “Find” <ctrl-F>
  • Fixed problem of corrupted string when using variables in “Handle” pulldown-menu’s
  • Added “Save to Html File” option to “Search”
  • Added option to “Force Stop” a daemon to the main toolbar of the “Configuration Manager” and to “Manage Services”
  • Added “Tools\Find” option to main menu in “Configuration Manager” to search the configuration files and/or logging
  • Added extra options to stop/restart the current daemon/pool: you can now “Stop/restart Service ASAP” (which was the default before) and “Stop/restart Service When Idle”
  • Updated plugin “ExportXLS2PDF”: it is now possible to also use Microsoft Excel as the engine to create the pdf. In some cases this produces a better pdf. Ofcourse this requires MS-Excel to be installed on the system
  • Fixed problem with workflow schedule-calendar that the calendar end-date was august 2022. The calendar end-data is now 01/01/2050
  • Fixed problem in “rsOutput2File” that updated pivot table data in a worksheet was not correctly saved
  • Fixed problem in plugin “OpenDatabase”: when using the “JSON”-driver the “JSON file” setting was not saved
  • Updated XLSX library to fix problem with page-breaks and updating pivot-tables
  • Fixed strange behaviour when changing the “Scan Interval” setting in the workflow-properties
  • Updated plugin “HttpClient”: added option “Convert XML Response to JSON”
  • Improved performance of UI of Configuration Manager
  • Fixed problem with RunNow
  • Fixed problem with “Ignore Errors” setting in plugin “MoveFile”
  • Fixed problem in plugin “ExportXLS2CSV”
  • Added option “Ignore Errors” to plugins “MoveFile” & “CopyFile”. This option can only be selected when using DOS-wildcards and will make sure the plugin will not abort in case of an error but will continue processing the other file(s)
  • Changed MSAL authentication option in plugin “HttpClient” to use a certificate
  • Added “Cancel” option to workflows-list popup-menu
  • Fixed problem with plugins “RunVBDotNetCode” and “Run CSharpDotNetCode” plugins
  • Fixed error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” in Hotfolder-trigger
  • Fixed problem that variables were case-sensitive
  • Updated plugin “JobTicket – WEB Post” to support “Return String”
  • Fixed plugin “ADaddGroupMember” & “ADremoveGroupMember”


  • Bugfixes
  • Added dark focus rectangle to selected workflow(s) to better show which workflows are selected
  • Added “Open Log Directory” button to “Monitor” to quickly open the log-directory
  • Re-ordered the buttons in the main toolbar to put the most used buttons in front
  • Added “Offset” option to worklow “Scan Interval” setting


  • The installer will now ask you if it needs to update “Omniphlex WEB” or “Companion Server” whenever there is an update available. So no need to check- and update manually
  • Updated HotFolder-trigger: if both the “InputFilter” and “RejectFilter” are empty then no regular-expression-match will be applied to the filenames. This means only the “Pre-filter” (DOS wildcards) will be used which results in better performance, especially when processing directories that contain a large amount of files


  • Added “Sunrise” and “Sunset” options to workflow “Interval” options. Note that this requires “Microsoft Windows Location Services” to be enabled and available to desktop apps!
  • Added variables “<LocationLatitude>”, ”<LocationLongitude>”, “<Sunrise>” & “<Sunset>” to internal variables
  • Fixed problem in plugin “HttpClient” that the command could fail if the HttpMethod was not in uppercase
  • Updated plugin “Excel2DB”: password-protected xlsx files can now be processed
  • It is now possible to configure the following date/time formats (per daemon): short-date, long-date, short-time, long-time & full-date-time. These formats will be used whenever a date/time value (from a database-query for instance) is converted to a string. These formats will overrule the system date/time formats and can also be used by using the following built-in variables: <ShortDate>, <LongDate>, <ShortTime>, <LongTime> & <FullDateTime>
  • Fixed problem with (large) width of arrows and (selection)handles in the workflow-diagrams
  • Fixed problem that “Run Now” option would not work if the daemon was running with no workflows enabled
  • Fixed problem with encoding variables in certain triggers
  • Workflows-report now follows the colors as they are seen/configured in the workflow-list
  • Fixed problem with “ErrorAction” in “Run Script”
  • Added option to set Enabled/Disabled workflows to “Cancel” from the popupmenu when you right-click the workflow-list
  • Fixed problem with downloading files with “FTPquickDownload”: when more than one file was to be downloaded only one file was actually downloaded
  • Printed reports of workflows now correctly include groups, subgroups and separators
  • Updated “ForEach” plugin: the logging now also displays “current-step/max-step”
  • Fixed problem in “S3quickDownload” plugin: settings were not correctly restored when changing the configuration of the plugin
  • Updated workflow “Description”: added ‘User’ field to ‘Changelog’ and when the ‘Description’ and ‘Changelog’ is empty the “Description-flag” is not displayed in the workflow-list and the ‘Created by’ and ‘Date’ fields are also cleared
  • Fixed problem with automatic renaming of endpoints in AWS plugins