Download the Community-Edition of Omniphlex

The CE-version is (almost) fully functional and can be used both for personal- and commercial use.

It has the following limitations:

  • one daemon
  • no pairing
  • no pooling
  • no remote-control (accounts-based login)

Latest release: v9.1.5.0


Looking for the commercial version of Omniphlex? Go here…

Release Notes Community-Edition


  • When the tracking/WEB database is not reachable this will no longer trigger the “ErrorAction” in workflows
  • Added “Skip First Line” option to plugin “ForEach – Line in File”
  • Fixed error when creating comment-boxes
  • The “Configuration Manager” now shows the total number of errors of the daemon or pool in the status-bar at the bottom
  • Streamlined workflow-diagram interface in “Configuration Manager”
  • Fixed problem in “FTP-Hotfolder”-trigger that when using normal ftp (port 21) the first character of subdirectory-names was missing
  • Fixed problem with strange arrow behaviour in workflow-diagram when connecting a node to another node which already has incoming arrows
  • The context popup-menu now contains a “Helper” option which can be used to more precisely configure “inline strings” like “<RE_Replace¦…>”, “<RS:READ:…>” etc.
  • Updated plugin “XMLupdate” to support regular-expressions in the “Update Value(s)” and “Current Value” settings
  • Fixed problem with dragging a workflow-group to the top or bottom
  • Fixed problem with using variables and/or text in handles
  • Fixed problem that certain variables were not correctly encoded as a variable in the configuration
  • Fixed problem with “Restart When Idle” when used with a service: the service was only stopped, not started again
  • Updated plugin “Excel2DB”: added option “Parse Dates” and the option to set a date-format
  • Updated plugin “Excel2DB”: you can now replace or remove specific text from cell range(s)
  • Fixed problem with workflow reports
  • Fixed problem with case-sensitive handles
  • Improved functionality & performance of “Find” <ctrl-F>
  • Fixed problem of corrupted string when using variables in “Handle” pulldown-menu’s
  • Added “Save to Html File” option to “Search”
  • Added option to “Force Stop” a daemon to the main toolbar of the “Configuration Manager” and to “Manage Services”
  • Added “Tools\Find” option to main menu in “Configuration Manager” to search the configuration files and/or logging
  • Added extra options to stop/restart the current daemon/pool: you can now “Stop/restart Service ASAP” (which was the default before) and “Stop/restart Service When Idle”
  • Updated plugin “ExportXLS2PDF”: it is now possible to also use Microsoft Excel as the engine to create the pdf. In some cases this produces a better pdf. Ofcourse this requires MS-Excel to be installed on the system
  • Fixed problem with workflow schedule-calendar that the calendar end-date was august 2022. The calendar end-data is now 01/01/2050
  • Fixed problem in “rsOutput2File” that updated pivot table data in a worksheet was not correctly saved
  • Fixed problem in plugin “OpenDatabase”: when using the “JSON”-driver the “JSON file” setting was not saved
  • Updated XLSX library to fix problem with page-breaks and updating pivot-tables
  • Fixed strange behaviour when changing the “Scan Interval” setting in the workflow-properties
  • Updated plugin “HttpClient”: added option “Convert XML Response to JSON”
  • Improved performance of UI of Configuration Manager
  • Fixed problem with RunNow
  • Fixed problem with “Ignore Errors” setting in plugin “MoveFile”
  • Fixed problem in plugin “ExportXLS2CSV”
  • Added option “Ignore Errors” to plugins “MoveFile” & “CopyFile”. This option can only be selected when using DOS-wildcards and will make sure the plugin will not abort in case of an error but will continue processing the other file(s)
  • Changed MSAL authentication option in plugin “HttpClient” to use a certificate
  • Added “Cancel” option to workflows-list popup-menu
  • Fixed problem with plugins “RunVBDotNetCode” and “Run CSharpDotNetCode” plugins
  • Fixed error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” in Hotfolder-trigger
  • Fixed problem that variables were case-sensitive
  • Updated plugin “JobTicket – WEB Post” to support “Return String”
  • Fixed plugin “ADaddGroupMember” & “ADremoveGroupMember”



  • Bugfixes
  • Added dark focus rectangle to selected workflow(s) to better show which workflows are selected
  • Added “Open Log Directory” button to “Monitor” to quickly open the log-directory
  • Re-ordered the buttons in the main toolbar to put the most used buttons in front
  • Added “Offset” option to worklow “Scan Interval” setting



  • The installer will now ask you if it needs to update “Omniphlex WEB” or “Companion Server” whenever there is an update available. So no need to check- and update manually
  • Updated HotFolder-trigger: if both the “InputFilter” and “RejectFilter” are empty then no regular-expression-match will be applied to the filenames. This means only the “Pre-filter” (DOS wildcards) will be used which results in better performance, especially when processing directories that contain a large amount of files



  • Added “Sunrise” and “Sunset” options to workflow “Interval” options. Note that this requires “Microsoft Windows Location Services” to be enabled and available to desktop apps!
  • Added variables “<LocationLatitude>”, ”<LocationLongitude>”, “<Sunrise>” & “<Sunset>” to internal variables
  • Fixed problem in plugin “HttpClient” that the command could fail if the HttpMethod was not in uppercase
  • Updated plugin “Excel2DB”: password-protected xlsx files can now be processed
  • It is now possible to configure the following date/time formats (per daemon): short-date, long-date, short-time, long-time & full-date-time. These formats will be used whenever a date/time value (from a database-query for instance) is converted to a string. These formats will overrule the system date/time formats and can also be used by using the following built-in variables: <ShortDate>, <LongDate>, <ShortTime>, <LongTime> & <FullDateTime>
  • Fixed problem with (large) width of arrows and (selection)handles in the workflow-diagrams
  • Fixed problem that “Run Now” option would not work if the daemon was running with no workflows enabled
  • Fixed problem with encoding variables in certain triggers
  • Workflows-report now follows the colors as they are seen/configured in the workflow-list
  • Fixed problem with “ErrorAction” in “Run Script”
  • Added option to set Enabled/Disabled workflows to “Cancel” from the popupmenu when you right-click the workflow-list
  • Fixed problem with downloading files with “FTPquickDownload”: when more than one file was to be downloaded only one file was actually downloaded
  • Printed reports of workflows now correctly include groups, subgroups and separators
  • Updated “ForEach” plugin: the logging now also displays “current-step/max-step”
  • Fixed problem in “S3quickDownload” plugin: settings were not correctly restored when changing the configuration of the plugin
  • Updated workflow “Description”: added ‘User’ field to ‘Changelog’ and when the ‘Description’ and ‘Changelog’ is empty the “Description-flag” is not displayed in the workflow-list and the ‘Created by’ and ‘Date’ fields are also cleared
  • Fixed problem with automatic renaming of endpoints in AWS plugins